Today is the day to relax and enjoy my stay at Shangri-La Mactan in Cebu. Of course, i have heard about Shangri-La many times before, but never stayed at any of their property, so it’s interesting to check what is what and how it works!

Shangri-La in Cebu is located close to the airport at the Mactan island, just few kilometres away from it. But i never saw or heard any plane during my stay here. Mactan is located right next to Cebu island and actually feels more like part of it. It is known for the airport itself, Lapa-Lapa district, which is historical resort area and also that’s the place where famous traveller Maguillan was dead.

I started my stay with a complimentary pickup at the airport. It was shared service, but very comfortable as the hotels representative was waiting for us and helped us to locate the bus. Very convinient as it really could be tricky to figure out how to get to the place where you stay, especially if it’s your first time in the country.

Shangri La Mactan Cebu Phulippines

Shangri-La in Cebu is the most famous and most popular resort in the area. This is really huge property with around 550 rooms, two large pools, several restaurants and own beach. Though it was opened almost 25 years ago, it is very well maintained and treat guests very good. Mostly it works for families, which are the main customers here. A lot is done for them to feel good: kids pools, fun activities and even huge 2-storey playing room, where i wouldn’t mind to play by myself.

Shangri La Mactan Cebu Phulippines

Apart from several pools with different sections, there is a beach. There is even an area with lots of fishes. They are used to be around people, so you can easily snorkel there or just walk in the water surrounded by fishes. That was really fun!

For those who come to stay at Shangri-La Mactan without children there are still lots of opportunities! There are quite zones to relax and sunbath, sunset bar with Happy hour drinks, perfect gym with great service (when i have finished my cardio, they even brought me a cold towel, which was really WOW!), very nice SPA area.

Shangri La Mactan Cebu Phulippines

But my absolute favourite part of the stay was the view from my room at the 8th floor: beautiful gardens, walkways, green fields, pools and sea! Everything together in one view! I can meditate to this image forever!

The room itself is spacious with big bed, sitting area, balcony, good toileteries and some nice welcoming treats like fruits and chocolates. Everything here is made just to relax and forget about anything else, but enjoying yourself! Even wi-fi works around all the resort and don’t bother you with different passwords or switching between hotspots in different areas.

Shangri La Mactan Cebu Phulippines

Same as for other resorts, there are several restaurants there. Two of them works for breakfast and also there are lunch and dinner buffets and a-la carte. The price for dinner is around 50$/person. Also there is little store on the territory, where you can buy some basic snacks or instant noodles. If you want to go outside, you need to hire a taxi as there are not much going on around the resort. I saw that some guests walked outside to the 7-11 store, which is around 1km away from it. It is better to do it till dark as the street is a bit busy and there are no pedestrian walkaways, but still there are some more snacks there and some drinks incl. wine.

The main things to do in Resort is actually to stay here and enjoying what it can offer as it’s really nice place, where people go to stay and enjoy the comforts and luxury. Also there are some activities like tours and snorkelling classes,volf and tennis available. If you want to see the historical heritage or some waterfalls you need to go to Cebu city, which is around 15 km away, but because of traffic it could take 1-2 hours to get there. The life outside of resort is much different and it’s even interesting to check it. After you get back you got some special feeling as it’s like two different worlds right next to each other. It feels really interesting and a bit like a miracle how it could be like this! Very interesting!

Shangri La Mactan Cebu Phulippines

Shangri-La Mactan is a great classical family resort, which knows how to suit your needs and how to make a perfect holidays in a beautiful place! Many people told me that it’s one of the best place to stay on the island and it was really great to experience this side of life in Cebu island!

What was good: Pools, gym, common areas, territory, service, breakfast, view from the room
What to consider: food is expensive, all prices were exclusive of taxes (add around 12%), beach is small and not for swimming, not much going on around