Today i decided to give the last chance to Manila and explored some of the main attractions. Main sights here are old colonial Spanish district Intramuros, Old fort, park, main cathedral and UNESCO Heritage Church.
Some of the places were nice if not looking around too much. St. Agustin church in this pic looks really interesting from the outside, but was closed because of Christmas holidays. Main Cathedral was also interesting especially because of it’s history as it was damaged and reconstructed 7 times because of earthquakes. Also here and there some small bites of nice places like museums, but nothing super spectacular.
Apart from it, the streets were literally packed with homeless people. I simply couldn’t believe my eyes. Main park which is TOP5 on TripAdvisor was literally packed by homeless people. Same with the sea boulevard, where everyone reccomend to go for a sunset. There are not much westerners on the streets in Philippines overall, but today i saw no-one in this areas. I was literally the only western looking person i saw during my couple hours that i could endure this sightseeing. I don’t feel unsafe, strangely, but prefere not to take my camera out of my backpack for the case most of the time.
In 2 hours i gave up and realised that i simply would spend time till my flight somewhere between Starbucks and hotel room.