Today i decided to check couple of modern areas of Manila. Actually, Manila is not like every other city as historically it consist of many cities, which were joined together. The city is super busy and very different. Some areas are modern and new like this one on this pic. They looks fresh, got some new skyscrapers there, roads are well maintained and they feels like modern cities.

But right next to them located old parts: very poor houses, naked children making pee and ladies brushing each other. All of this is joined together by very busy roads, filled with the traffic. It’s really so easy to get lost. Few times during the day i walked in the wrong direction and was literally lost in this kind of unpleasant neighbourhoods. In some magical way it was super easy to get there, but so hard to get out. Some kind of natural philosophy, isn’t it?

Modern areas are nice to stay and look around, but actually not much going on there, but offices and big condos. Sometimes shopping centres. Also i saw one area on the map, but couldn’t get there. It looks like the area for rich people and it was completely enclosed by wall. The guards don’t let me inside as it feels like a need a special permission for it, though the park inside is listed as one of the places of interest in the city. Strange for me, but probably there is a reason for it in Manila.

Pretty quickly i have realised that not looking to the huge traffic, getting by car is the best way to move around Manila. But even it happened to be really tricky. Taxis on the streets if i was lucky to stop any, refused to go by meter and tried to charge me at leat 3 times more, Grab and UBER was tricky to call as there was always no car available. And even if i would be able to do it, 2-3 km ride would last at least an hour because of traffic. So i literally had no other choice but to walk. To walk through sideways where people were doing their pee, garbage, beggars etc. Usually it was safe, but one moment i was surrounded by several beggars, who were pretty pushy and literally had to defend myself.

At night i decided to check one more very controversial attraction – Midget’s fight. Many people take it as weird, but i decided to check it as it was something i never saw before and i wanted to make my own opinion. I was expecting to see something like tourist show, but it was really absolutely nothing like this. It was just a bar full of prostitutes with the fights as a way to attract the crowd. The fight lasts for 2 minutes maximum, was just a show and after it 40 minutes of pretty bad music, dancing «workers» of this bar (they were really ugly) and everyone tried to get any money possible from you: massages, drinks, donations etc. Honestly, it got nothing to do with interesting, it just the very bottom of the bottom. 1 hour there was too much for me and left back to my hotel with only 1 thought: what the hell i’m going to do in Manila 3 more days!