I’m a big lover of cultural sights and UNESCO World Heritage list is a great guideline of interesting places to see. I couldn’t say that all of them are equally interesting, but each time i visit a country, i check whether there is something in the list.

In Philippines there are 6 UNESCO inscribed sites. Vigan, Puerto Princessa underground river are among them. Another one is a bit different as it consists of several sites around the country. It is baroque churches. There are 4 of them and one is located around 25 km away from Vigan. I couldn’t miss it and checked this place.

This is Santa Maria church. It was almost empty when i was there as it’s relatively remote place. Only couple of guys were sitting there and doing something with their smartphones. Apart from it, there was no-one. The church really feels a bit abandoned, but it was probably the most interesting. There are several baroque elements inside, but no golden ceilings or kind of it.

The reason why this place is unique is because it’s still standing! Just like Cher: she is still singing and everyone comes to see it!