Vigan is located at Luzon island around 350km away from Manila. This area is very different from what i saw before: lot’s of little villages with obligatory church and big Christmas decorations, which were pretty cool when i saw them on my way to Vigan.

Vigan itself feels way more touristy than previous places that i have visited in Philippines, but that’s for good. The reason is unique heritage architecture, which somehow survived after Spanish times. Basically there is only 1 street with few side streets, but that street is absolutely not something you can expect to see in Asia. It’s really picturesque and feels great! It is not perfectly restored, which brings a special mood to it. There are colonial time carriages with horses and after dark lots of bars put the table right on the street. It feels like a big family dinner from the past, which is really unique. This street is the main reason to come to Vigan!

Apart from it there are couple of beautiful churches, several cafes, big musical fountain show, few museums, historical lake ride, several cafes and mostly that’s it. But definitely not bad for one really pleasant day if you succeed getting to Vigan as it’s relatively remote.

At night i went to some traditional touristy restaurant, which was located right on the street to try some local food. But in this case i had to throw away big part of it as it happens to be something like pork belly, deep fried fat, sausage from got-no-idea-what and vegetables with the sauce made from herrings entrails.

So at the end of the day i have seen really good place and got my new #1 least favourite dish ever! 😀