Today I’m leaving Palawan and moving to Luzon island to the city, called Vigan.
This time i decided to skip places like El Nido, because it’s already top Christmas season and visiting this kind of popular spots is not the best idea for me this time. Also i decided to skip famous Barocay island as i have heard mostly negative feedbacks from almost everyone who was there (too touristy, lots of scams, overpriced).
The day happened to be quite stressful. In the morning i took a flight from Puerto Princessa to Manila. There i had a situation when i literally had to pay more to get to my flight. The Philippines government implemented a new tax for this airport after i have bought my ticket and they literally don’t let me to go inside without paying it. Actually, that’s feels really like scam and definitely a huge dissapointment. I mean, you never can be sure what surprise they could do for you.
After it i need to find a bus to Vigan. The bus station happened to be just 2 away from the airport by i had to take a taxi to get there. Of course, first car happened to be with the gready driver who firstly confirmed meter drive and than when we started, gave me another price list. Of course, i simply told him to stop the car immediately and left.
On the bus station i decided not to wait till night bus as i planned before because the area there was too unpleasant to stay for a few hours. The ride happened to be very long, bumpy and literally painful as the seats were uncomfortable and small.
At 2am i have found myself in the middle of Vigan with no idea where i will sleep today. But this is another story.