After 2 weeks in Philippines i decided to share some random observations about it:
– Almost everyone here speaks English
– Filipinos usually are very nice to foreigners
– Tourism is relatively young in Philippines and they have difficulties now as it is growing very fast
– There are lots of transgender people, it’s easy to meet someone in McDonald’s or yesterday my guide was a transgender woman and proudly told me about it on her way to the restroom (“I don’t do this gentleman things anymore”)
– Some names of the cities are very familiar: Mexico, San Fernando, San Francisco, Conception, Valencia or Seville
– Filipinos love music, they sing all the time and there are lots of live music on the streets at the weekends
– There are machines selling drinking water for a dime at many places
– Philippines are home to Karaoke machines
– Street food looks like something that i don’t want to try
– There are lots of fast food restaurants everywhere from world known chains to some local with simple, cheap and honest food
– Almost everywhere there are lots of security and guards on duty
– There is filipino version of tuk tuk, which is motorbike with something that looks like a metallic carriage, attached to it
– Sometimes i have troubles fitting into bus seats, beds or even shower as they are made for not that tall people