Day to explore Natural World Wonder!
Puerto Princessa Underground river is the largest place of this kind on Earth and inscribed as UNESCO Site and one of 7 Natural World Wonders.
Visiting it is a adventure and thought it’s quite accessible, it is not super crowded for the place, that is called World Wonder.
The place is a world of it’s own with lots of life inside of it and needs to be protected. It is almost hidden from the outer world and it’s totally dark inside. It’s not another instagrammable spot, it’s more of an experience. Lots of efforts were put to make visiting possible, but sustainable.
It is possible to get to the river only from the side of the sea. Firstly we had a couple hours drive to get to the special port to enter the national park. From there i had a 25 minutes boat ride on a small 8 person boat in a open sea. Honestly, i was really nervous about it before and even more during the ride. The water was pretty rough that day. My guide, when she (actually, she was he before) have heard that I’m a bad swimmer, put 2 strong guys with me to the boat to make sure I’ll be fine in case of troubles. Such precautions will make anyone nervous, to be true.
Then we have changed the boat and went inside the cave with in another small flat boat.
It was amazing!!! It’s different hidden world inside and this unique place is the result of millions of years. It’s quite wet inside as the water drops from the ceiling and there are lots of bats inside. The river goes through big halls, high ceilings and from small corridors. Thought everything is made from stone, but the stone is fragile and even a touch can damage it.
They have done everything to make sure that it will remain as it is:
there is no light, only flashlight for the boat
they ask you not to move and be quite
they ask you not to touch anything
they give you audioguide that explains what going on around you in entertaining way.
So basically you go in almost total dark and silence.
It’s definitely a magical place! I was really a bit nervous about the visit, but I’m so-so proud that i have overcome my fears and accepted them and have done it! And so happy that i saw something really magical!
Because of the nature of the place, it’s impossible to take any reliable pics inside, so i simply used my action cam and phone few times.