Today i have done something that everyone should do at least once a week: i had a day to relax! My ​Amorita Resort in Bohol is a perfect place for it! I loved it from the very first moment i entered and loved it during all of my stay!

This place is an upscale resort and located right next to the Aloha beach in Panglao island (which is more like part of Bohol). The resort  is a perfect example of a great and modern place to spend your holidays: calm and romantic getaway, but still it’s just couple of minutes away from the main area with some cafes, buzz and whatever you like here. I love this type of place where you can a have calm and beautiful place to enjoy yourself and relax, but still don’t need a lot of efforts to go outside, have a meal or simply walk around.

Amorita resort

The place definetely made me feel special while being here! 

Amorita resort

The common areas of the Amorita Resort are great! There are 2 panoramic pools, lounge, gym, 2 restaurants and Spa centre. Both pools are very different: one is a bit smaller and more scenic as it got a view to the sea and the beach. It feels more like a pool for the adults (and for taking pictures 😀 ). Another one is larger, got several areas with different depth and more places to chill.  This one is good for everyone: more space to swim for adults and secure places to have fun for kids. Apart from it there is a separate quite area with the hammocks, palm trees and sunbeds if you want to chill on your own. Perfect for those, who is looking for a place to chill and recharge. It happens to be my favourite part of the resort and i spend few hours here simply reading a book in absolute quietness.

As i said before, Aloha beach is right next to the resort. There is a staircase which goes directly to the beach, it takes couple of minutes to get there from reception. The beach got white sand and the water is blue and clean, but the area generally is a bit busy with the boats, so i loved swimming in the pool more. Also there is one more beach which is possible to reach only from the resort or from the water. It is more a stone beach, but when i was there there it was totally empty and feels very chilling and natural. A good place just to dream while looking to the sea.

No need to rush when you are in a good place!

Amorita resort

My room was also on a top side: very spacious, got one room with sofa, TV and little kitchen with Nespresso coffee machine, tea and some soft drinks. The bedroom is also very large with big windows and super comfortable large bed, which is important as sometimes beds in Philippines are small for western standards. Bathroom is super large, got a shower and a tub, super big mirror and double washing stand. So a perfect room for a couple to spend some good days!

Christmas breakfast at Amorita resort Bohol

Restaurant facilities in the resort need a special mention. There are 2 restaurants here. Both are located in the same building. One is more for breakfast and snacks during the day. Another one is Spanish restaurant on the second floor. It serves good Spanish food like classical tapas, tortilla and paella and, of course, good wine. The service is great and the food is yammy. I was a bit surprised to find a Spanish restaurant here, but then i have realized that it’s kind of a tribute to the spanish colonial period and makes total sense. I loved it so much that i had a dinner here twice during my stay. Definitely a place feels like a small Spain in Bohol and in this case was way better than most of the other dining options around.

The dinner for 2 with wine was around 50$, which is good for resorts. But if you feel that you want to go out for dinner, its pretty easy walk as there are lots of places around in the area with some typical asian food including couple of street food stalls with typical thai food. Anyway, i need to mentioned, that i haven’t found anything equally good in terms if quality around the area, most of the places were just another places to eat.

Amorita resort

Apart from it, Amorita Resort got a SPA centre and small basic gym with treadmill, which was enough for some basic training. As i preffere yoga, i  practiced in my room as it was spacious enough to feel comfortable. Also there are bicycles and kayaks available.

My stay at Amorita resort was definitely a great one, i loved everything here from the first step till i left it on their complimentary drop-off to the ferry port. The place definetely made me feel special while being here! Though the place was family-friendly, i got no problems with the kids running around or lots of noise, which sometimes is a an issue. It was really adult-friendly place for a calm, classy stay and relaxing in style while in Bohol!

Amorita resort