Early in the morning i moved to Panglao island,  which is the main and almost only place to stay while in Bohol. It is actually more like part of Bohol, but technically separate island. Choosing right area to stay in Philippines is a bit tricky. Some people were really surprised that i stayed somewhere else, but Panglao, but no idea how i could know it before getting there. I guess it would be better to do it that way, so learn from my mistakes.

For my stay i choose beautiful Aloha beach,  which looks like the longest beach in the area and @amoritaresortbohol. It is located on the cliffs at the end of the beach and feels like quite,  peaceful and very stylish place to relax. I loved it from the moment i entered, that happens not every time,  but in this case it was just right from the first moment.

When you have a pool like this,  it’s not hard to feel yourself in the right place, isn’t it?