Getting to Bohol and exploring it’s sights was one of the major points in my current travel lag as the island is home of two unique sights: – Chocolate hills are UNESCO World Heritage sight and pretty unusual place. It’s name came as it looks like a box of chocolates. Big box! 🍫 It can be seen only from above. From the ground it’s more like lots of hills, which still looks really interesting. Depending on the season the hills have different colours. This time of year they are green, so it looks more like a box of matcha chocolates.

There are two options to see it: balloon ride or viewpoint at one of the hills, where i took this shot.

Tassier sanctuary is the second unique thing in Bohol. These are absolutely pretty, small creatures with big eyes and funny fingers, which can be found in several countries, but only in Bohol there is sanctuary, where you can see them. It’s not possible to find them in zoo or kind of it, because they couldn’t live there for a long time. These guys are amazingly nice and it’s really great to see them in real life as no pic could show how pretty they are. The sanctuary is kind of park where several tassiers live in natural environment. You could enter only with the guide who will show you where to find them. Each morning someone is looking for them as they move during the night and then they will bring you to the places, where they have found them. It’s a short,  but really amazing experience not to be missed.

Apart from it, there are several other places to see in Bohol like tree tunnel, second oldest church in Philippines, python and butterfly zoo.

Actually all the route in Bohol is standard and there are lots of group day tours going on the same route every day for a very small price (kind of 10$/person). Some people simply take a bike and ride by themselves.

Personally i prefere to skip the crowds where possible and choose an option of a private tour with the driver and guide, who will go on my speed and show me the places that are interesting for me. It was a good choice and very comfortable way to see the sights of Bohol.

I used the company Bohol Island Adventure Tour and everything was very smooth and comfortable. Good vehicle, friendly driver and the best places on island. The car arrived to our hotel just in time as it was scheduled. We explored interesting places i have mentioned before and skipped some of the attractions like snake farm or dinner cruise as it wasn’t something that i was much interested in. The driver was absolutely flexible with the route and shedule and never pushed us to get to some tourist places as it happens sometimes. So definitely