Somehow i had an idea that Cebu city is worth spending some time and explore it for a while. So i planned my route to stay here 1 full day and explore it’s sights.
In the morning i checked Old fort, Metropolitan cathedral and one more church. Filipinos are very religious people and Christianity is the main religion here. I happened to be in the churches during some religious celebration and it was interesting as it was really very busy and energetic occasion with lits of people. Everyone was moving around,  big line to pray for a sacred figure of child, loud songs,  some people are going on the knees. So absolutely latino feeling, which is still so surprising for me. It definetely don’t feel and don’t look like asia.
After checking these 3 places a was almost done as there were almost no other places of interest in the city. Apart from couple nice buildings,  the rest was pretty ordinary, dirty, busy and ugly hot streets. I love to walk around, but in this case it wasn’t pleasant or kind of it. Actually, not many people walk around, i felt myself like an alien walking through local and very poor streets. I even don’t realize at first that it could be insecure to do it with the camera in my hand. It looks like this,  but i couldn’t say that it feels insecure. After walking close to the cemetery, where people live (Do you know that in Philippines you can rent a crypt and live there?), some cats,  dogs,  pigs and cocks, dirty water etc, I decided that i saw enough of real life for today, grab a taxi and got back to my hotel for the rest of my day.
Well,  honestly, I’m bit confused as it’s so far from what i could expect from Philippines.