Today is interesting day. Not because i have done something special or kind of it, but mostly because i felt such a slight change in the surroundings and the area.

After spending morning at my @shangrilamactan, sunbathing and spending some time at the gym, i have left it to explore more of the island and check another side of Cebu.

It was such a huge change for the past days. Firstly i was in warm and sunny Taichung, than i made it to cold and rainy Taipei area, then i came to hot, humid and sunny Cebu and stayed there couple days surrounded by comforts and luxury. Then i went away from it and saw what is Cebu in reality.

Firstly, is it really Asia? I feel myself more like in Latin America. I knew little about Philippines and I’m really so surprised: people are not like typical asians, all the music is latin (Despasito is still very popular), language sounds more like portuguese, main religion is Christianity with lots of churches around. Everything feels a bit like a mess: traffic is horrible, lots of kids on the sides of the streets, occasional musicians walking around. That’s not bad or kind of it, it’s just real life and it’s interesting, but it’s such huge change of scenery around me, that my brains are like a mess! But i love it, it brings the excitement of exploration! If not something like this, than what is the main reason to travel!