Today is my last full fay in Taiwan and time to check some more cool stuff in Taichung.

I started my day making my way to the University of the city,  which is the place of one of the symbol of the city: cool and modern Church, which got something futuristic in it’s shape and looks a bit familiar for those who have been in Scandinavian countries as tgey also got something similar.

Later i made it to the most colourful place in Taiwan – Rainbow village. Imagine that absolutely everything around you like houses, roads,  fences you is coloured with bright colours and funny and a bit crazy characters. Definitely fun and photogenic! The place is not that large, but i guess everyone who see the pics of it want to get there as the place is really interesting and unique.

And last, but not least: Taichung is also the birthplace of bubble milk tea! I thought that i need to try it here as it become more and more popular for the last years. I thought that i have tried it before,  but surprise: no, i haven’t. Original bubble tea is not chemical or kind of it. It is made of real tea (and good one if you choose good place), milk,  some ice and jelly bubbles, also you can add sugar if you want to. Not that unhealthy as i thought and really so cool to feel these bubbles on my tongue! New favorite drink!