Tainan is one of the oldest cites in Taiwan and it’s former capital. Some even claim that the name of the country goes after the name of the city: Taiwan – Tainan.
Many locals called it their favorite place in the country because of historical heritage and food, so i decided to check it. But it happened to be a disappointment.
The reason is that the city got very small number of places of interest: some temples, but nothing extraordinary, old small Fort, historical japan shop and couple of museums, located on the outskirts of the city. Basically that’s it and the rest of the city is just grey houses and simular streets. I saw everything interesting in less than an hour and was a bit confused.
Some locals told me that the way of life is the main interest here, but it’s really so hard to experience it during 1 day stay. In this case there’s a good reason why Tainan is off the beaten path.
This picture is the stairs inside the tower in old Portuguese fort.