Visiting Kuala Lumpur is cool, i loved this place when i was here for the first time, but for the second time I was little confused what to do here. Though there are lots of things to do in Kuala Lumpur like visiting Batu caves or eating at the main food street, but i saw them before and want to find something different, but still beautiful. That quest drives me to search deeper and find more interesting things off the beaten path. In this article i want to show you the most interesting and photogenic places in Kuala Lumpur that i have found.

In this article you will also find some advices how to make the perfect shots for your Instagram and make them work the best way.

So here is my list of things to do in Kuala Lumpur and how to take great shots there.

Petronas Towers

From Alex Block (@alexblock)

Without no means, Petronas towers are the symbol of Kuala Lumpur is the most important focal point in the city. Taking it’s shot from the ground is essential part of almost every visit of KL. Many goes to the viewing platform at the towers, but i couldn’t recommend it as the Towers are the most interesting architectural part of the city and you can’t see them from this viewpoint.

How to make it work: The best photo point is located on the other side of the Petronas towers, not on the side of KLCC park and Suria mall. You will spot a fountain in front of the entrance to the towers. At the end of it there are some steps. Make sure to stand between the towers and take this shot from the point few steps below. The best time of the day is after 3pm as the sun will be on the better position for good light. If you want the same shot after dark, it is better to take it without a person.

Bar at Traders hotel

From Alex Block (@alexblock)

This option will require some budget (think about 10$ for a drink), but you won’t regret it as the bar on top of the Traders hotel brings the best view to Petronas towers and the best perspective for taking a perfect picture. It is located next to convention centre and brings great view to the skyline and KLCC park. The place gets busy around sunset as it’s the best opportunity to take a picture with different light. Make sure to arrive early as the best seats near the windows are limited and when i was there everything was busy around 5pm. The bar itself also works as a pool for the hotel guests and hosts parties at night, so it could be interesting.

How to make it work: it’s tricky to take a picture there with a person as the light inside and outside is very different and after dark they switch on some disco lights inside, so mostly think about perfect shot of the towers in a pleasant atmosphere. Try to make a time-lapse on your smartphone when they slowly turn on the lights in the tower.

National mosque

From Alex Block (@alexblock)

National mosque or Masjid Negara Kuala Lumpur is not just a tourist attraction, it’s a major religious sight in Kuala Lumpur. Good news that they are extremely welcoming for tourists during designated hours. When i was there it was opened for tourists from 9 to 12am and from 3pm to 6pm. You are not allowed to wear your shoes inside. For the ladies and for the guys in the shorts they provide some cool dress, which is really interesting to wear and kind of experience of it’s own.
The building of Masjid Negara is really interesting architecturally and brings some interesting perspectives including the reflection of the main minaret in the pond. But without no means my favourite part was a hall with a columns as it’s brings very special mood and interesting perspective.

How to make it work: Play with the perspective, try to find good angle, walk around. When i was there between 3 and 4pm it was a little bit crowded as people came right after it was opened. Try to play with clothes they provide and check the reflections, they are beautiful.

From Alxndr Sunny (@alxndrsunny)

Tree walk

From Alex Block (@alexblock)

Tree walk is one of my favourite thing to do in Kuala Lumpur. It’s absolutely unique and free. This walk is not very famous now so don’t expect too much people there, but the experience is definitely worth visiting. This place is safe and not scare, suitable for those who is afraid of heights and for the children. It is located in the park right next to the Minara KL (very tall tower, you won’t miss it). There are no signs of this walk, but actually you need to come on the road and find an entrance to the park next to the parking near the tower. in a few meters there is an entrance to the tree walk.

How to make it work: You can do good shot there without no special instructions, but if you want to have something special like this pic, make sure to walk between towers B and C and stand on tower c (hopefully i remember their names right). You will get some skyline and great view from above. Make sure to wear dark or very colourful outfit to make it work.


From Alex Block (@alexblock)

Aquarium in Kuala Lumpur is very popular attraction, especially for kids. So if you want to visit it in a more relaxed way, make sure to go in the morning on a working day. Inside you will find lots of nice spots, but the water tunnel is the most spectacular.

How to make it work: It’s pretty dark inside, so i recommend you to use your phone to take this picture, for DSLR it could be really tricky without special preparations. Put your finger on the bright part of the capture and lock AE/AF. So the person will be a bit dark, but it will bring the mood like the one on this shot.

Laman Perdana at the Perdana Botanical Garden

From Alex Block (@alexblock)

This place is very rarely mentioned in guides, but that’s good news as there is some cool stuff to do away from the crowds. Apart from biking roads and some natural and botanical parks right in the city centre, there is an area of Laman Perdana. It is a central area and located close to the boathouse and with ample space, it is a perfect area for gatherings and got some very cool designed spaces, which looks super cool!

How to make it work: the space is very photogenic, play a bit with the angles and it will bring you lots of different perspectives for a perfect picture.

Container hotel

From Alex Block (@alexblock)

Container hotel in Kuala Lumpur (with some branches around Malaysia) is a unique place to stay: it’s hip, modern, interesting and very photogenic. And i was surprised, that it’s not that scary as it could sound as it’s pretty comfortable. They got a number of separate spaces to sleep with common areas and shared bathroom and private room with private bathroom. Cool and fun place if you want to try something new.

How to make it work: choose the place to stay (they got several cool options), take a pic inside the room or on one of the common areas. Go upstairs and take a picture from there, use the black-yellow walls as murals.

Do you have some more great ideas what to do in Kuala Lumpur or your picture was better than mine? Let me know in comments below, i will check your account or have a place in mind for my next visit!

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