Bangkok is one of my favourite city in the world. I love how it’ changing each time, love that it’s modern, but historical, love that it’s chaotic rhythm is much more than it feels at first and there is a logic in it. Each time i come here i try to find and do something new. In this article i will tel you about my favourite things to do in Bangkok. Mostly they are unique and some are off the beaten path, but i enjoyed all of them and would love to share it with you.

Erawan museum

Erawan museum Bangkok

Erawan museum is one of that great places in Bangkok, which is not very famous. It is known for 30 metres hight statue of Erawan, 3 headed elephant. This statue is not empty inside, it houses 3 store religious place, which is partly museum, partly church, temple and Wat. It is dedicated to Siam culture, but got something from all main world religions. That was made to show that each of them need to appreciate each other.

3 floors of the building showcase underworld, earth and heaven. Heaven is located inside the belly of the giant elephant. That elephant from outside was so big that I even couldn’t take a full pic of it.

This building was kind of surreal dream of it’s creator and supporter. What i saw inside was exactly that glorious WOW moment, when you realize why you travel. It is so unusual, creative and beautiful! It got lots of ideas and big backstory. Especially love the audio guide where everything was explained with a magical music as a background, which makes visiting even more special.

Airplane graveyard

Airplane graveyard Bangkok, what to of off the beaten path

Airplane graveyard is located on the outskirts of Bangkok. The easiest way to get there is by boat. Just take the channel boat and leave at the last stop. This field is couple hundreds metres away from it.

Remains of at least 2 planes are standing there. I’m not sure about exact number, but I believe there are 2 planes, though they could look like 4. Why they were brought to this field is a mystery. There are rumors that one of them was that plane that crushed 10+ years ago in Thailand. But there is no real info.

The reality is that there is family, who made this remains their home. Their story is that they couldn’t afford house in Bangkok. They demolished parts of a plane and made a house for themselves. They are usually on site and will charge you something to have a look around, thought it’s not their property.

See the best pool view in Bangkok

Rooftop pool with a view in Bangkok, Amara hotel, what to do and where to stay

Everyone loves panoramic rooftop pools, but surprisingly there are not that much of then in Bangkok. Actually i haven’t seen any of them before i came to stay at Amara Bangkok hotel. When i casually entered the last floor i was amazed: this pool got the best view to Bangkok including the best view to the famous «tetris» building. Such a perfect instagrammable spot in Bangkok!

Bangkok art and cultural centre

Bangkok art and cultural centre

When I have entered this large building for the first time, I couldn’t understand where is the museum itself. I thought that it looks a bit strange and boring and left. But then i saw some advices that’s it’s really good and decided to try again. I checked information desk and the museum happens to be at 7th, 8th and 9th floor. I even haven’t made it there! And it was absolutely free!

The architecture of the building is very modern with large white spiral pathways and great light! I couldn’t stop myself from taking pictures there! The exhibitions are usually also worth visiting.

The second best thing about the museum is that there two very interesting cafes inside:

  • Gallery Drip coffee is my personal favourite coffee place in this part of Bangkok, it’s very reasonable priced, stylish and cheesecakes are really good.
  • IceDea is absolutely cool ice cream shop. It’s a small japanese chain with little store in Bangkok art and cultural centre. The way they serve ice cream is super great and fun. Basically almost all of their dishes looks like another food: dim sums or big english breakfast, but it’s made office cream! Looks so great and definitely off the beaten experience to try in Bangkok.

Sunset cruise on the Chao Phraya river

Supanniga Cruise cruise in Bangkok with champagne

Chao Phraya cruise sunset with champagneThe Chao Phraya is the major river in Thailand and essential place to see in Bangkok. There are couple of major tourist attractions along the way and nice view to the city skyscrapers. But the main interest is The Chao Phraya river itslef and it’s exploration.

There are lots of option how to explore it: you can take a public boat and see it in adventurous way, you can take hop-on hop-off boat and see it in touristy way or you can make it in style and comfort and take a luxury sunset champagne cruise. Every option got it’s advantages, but the last one is the most comfortable and off the beaten way to do it.

I had a champagne sunset ride ride with Supanniga Cruise and really loved every second of it! The boat starts from the area of River City Bangkok every day around 4-30pm. 1 hour long boat ride is enough to have a full circle to the main sights of Bangkok and go back, enjoy a glass of champagne and take lots of pictures. The boat is the good example that river cruises could be comfortable, luxury and beautiful. Actually, they should be, but for some reason not that much companies are doing it good. Suppaniga really do! I love that the boat decoration is modern: beautiful a bit retro style beige boat and nice couches with colourful cushions brings cool hip mood. The stuff is super kind and ready to help and champagne with little canapés are really good. Definitely a great option of things to do while in Bangkok!

Rooftop bars

Rooftop bar in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is getting higher each day and new buildings are coming. Some of the places looks exactly as from futuristic movies. If staying on the ground feels a bit chaotic and stressful, then going to the rooftop bar is definitely a great way to relax, sip the cocktails and enjoy the views. Go around 5pm to catch the sunset and the best views.

Surprisingly only couple of bars are busy and touristy, most of the places are not very busy and opened to everyone. The only trick is that they are constantly closing and opening. I’ve been at dozen of them, but mostly all are already closed. Good news that there are always some new rooftop bars in Bangkok. Mostly they are located in the hotels, but some are just independent bars or restaurants. By the way, that doesn’t mean that they are super expensive. Prices for a cocktail is usually around 10$, rarely up to 25$ in super upscale places.

Check modern architecture

Central embassy Bangkok architecture

Design in Bangkok is booming. The city became more and more modern and some places are really awesome. To see some really nice place and with the great mood visit Central Embassy shopping centre. The place is more for upscale shopping, but there is no problem browsing around it without bothering about the shops. The best part of it is it’s design. Not only it got state of art futuristic design, but also on the top level there is very cool and new place called Open house. They got very interesting concept: it’s a mix of bookstore, library, restaurants, common space and got very cool vibe there. Also the views from the windows and open balcony there is really nice, wirth checking for taking good pictures. I love simply visiting it and browsing sometime as it’s beautiful and some cafes looks really very appealing.

Where to stay

Amara Bangkok view from the bathroom

Amara Bangkok - place to tay in Thailand, BangkokApart from amazing panoramic pool that i have mentioned before, Amara Bangkok is worth considering for short stay in Bangkok if you want to spend few days or your weekend in style. It is located in the Si Lom area, which is great for a few days stay in Bangkok.

Hotel itself is a beautiful 24 storey building with amazing views to the city from the rooms.  The rooms themselves are posh and beautiful, bathrooms are state of art and the breakfasts are hearty. Apart from ordinary, they have rooms with additional Club benefits, which includes lounge access, late check-out and from 5 to 7pm they serve snacks and drinks incl. wine, which is included in price.

The restaurant in Amara Bangkok is included in the list of Top50 best restaurants by CNN. And surprise: though is sounds like something that can break your bank, it’s not like this. The food is really good and worth considering if you want to taste modern version of Thai cuisine.

Have you ever been in Bangkok? Share cool and unordinary things to do here in comments below!