Kaohsiung is not very famous city as not many people outside of Taiwan have heard about it. But isn’t it a great reason to be among the first, who will learn about it? Kaohsiung is the creative hub of the country, Taiwan’s second largest city, which is full of interesting places and even Lonely Planet has named it one of top cities to visit in 2018. There are lots of reasons to include Kaohsiung in your bucket list! In this article i will show you the most interesting places to see here!

Lotus pond

Great places to see in Kaohsiung - Lotus pond

Lotus pond is probably the most famous place to see in Kaohsiung and one of it’s top attractions. Generally it’s just the pond, but there are several Temples located on the banks of it. All of them are interesting, very beautiful from the outside and unordinary from the inside. Dragon and Tiger Pagodas are the most famous. To enter it you need to go through the large statue of Dragon and exit is through the mouth of Tiger. Inside the figures there are also interesting things to see.
Right next to the pagodas are Spring and Autumn pavilions, which are also not to be missed. The get inside you need to walk through the Dragon with the tunnel inside of him. The tunnel is really absolutely surreal with lots of figures inside. Absolutely amazing!

Formosa Boulevard Station

Formosa Boulevard Station

Formosa Boulevard Station is not only the central station in Kaohsiung, but also it’s amazing example of great imagination and beautiful architecture. The station is known for its “Dome of Light”, which is amazing glasswork and also the the largest glass work in the world: 30 metres in diameter and covers an area of 2,180 square metres. Also some has ranked it the second most beautiful subway station in the world. It’s definitely beautiful and unique! And though many people mostly pay attention to the «Dome of Light», i can also suggest to pay attention to the geometry of the entrances, which are eye-candy for architecture lovers! Try to find a timetable for the lights show on the station. It is held there few times a day and lasts around 3 minutes.

Kaohsiung Exhibition Center

Kaohsiung Exhibition Center

This place is located right next to the tallest building in the city (Tuntex Sky Tower, not very interesting by itself to be true as it’s quite out outdated) and became the major architectural symbol of the city. It’s one of the first images to see while you are looking for information about the city and it’s definitely worth a look in real life. Being constructed by Philip Cox, who is also known for many buildings in Australia and the bridge in Marina Bay in Singapore, Kaohsiung Exhibition Center now is the main building in the New Bay Area, which is planned to be amazing and very modern area in the city and still in progress.

Public Library

Public Library Kaohsiung

Public library is one of the newcomers “designers dream came true” structure. It is located 200 metres away from the exhibition centre and works as a common space and library. It is possible to get inside and have a look to the modern stairs, forms and shapes inside the building and outside of it. Especially don’t miss inner hall and the roof, which are very photogenic.

Central park

Central park Kaohsiung

Central park is classical modern urban park in Kaohsiung. It is very well maintained, divided into zones, got some interesting stuff to see. But my favourite part of it was the entrance to the subway station, which is one more great example of modern architecture in Kaohsiung.

Where to stay in Kaohsiung

Icon hotel Kaohsiung

Icon hotel Kaohsiung


If you need a good place to stay in Kaohsiung – check Icon hotel. This place is not only another place to stay, but unordinary hotel, which is a result of great work of 6 designers. The place is made for those, who want to stay in creative place, surrounded by interesting design ideas and in really interesting rooms. All of the rooms are different and got different design: from red balloons to 3D art, from hip images to funny quotes. Icon hotel was made to be bold and impress you with the fun and creative design ides.

Icon hotel Kaohsiung

Icon hotel KaohsiungIcon hotel is located close to Central park and Formosa Boulevard Station, night market is just few minutes walk from the hotel. Rooms are good, beds are comfortable and breakfasts are not only tasty, but really served in style.

Apart from rooms for two person, they also got a rooftop suite, which is made for 6 people and could be amazing choice for those who travel in groups as there are really good offers for it. Apart from beds, bathroom and room for clothes, it got a kitchen, lounge are and open terrace on the roof of the hotel. It’s definitely one of the most interesting and hip places i ever stayed, absolutely recommended for those, who love unordinary hotels.

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