Kaohsiung is super creative city! Just look at this place! It is called “Dome of light” and it’s the hall at the main subway station in the city. When i was choosing a places to go in Taiwan, it was my main visual reason to come to Kaohsiung. So dreamy!

Also today i have checked Museum of Fine Arts, which was a bit strange as there was a large exhibition with lots of used medical waddings with the signs of blood. That definitely makes me think that modern art could be really wierd. But if the goal was to show something disgusting – it was completed. 😄

Almost every city in Taiwan got Creative park. The one in Kaohsiung is located in the area of Port. Fun area with some streetart, sculptures and cute shops with useless, but interesting stuff. You know this kind of places. I call this shops “look, don’t buy”!