Kaohsiung (try to pronounce it 3 times) is the second largest city in Taiwan after Taipei and home of largest port in the country and some nice modern buildings.
Taiwan generally is very creative country, a lot is done to support good initiatives and imagination. Kaohsiung, probably, have the best examples of it.
I have started my day exploring some main architectecture places like one of the tallest building in the country, modern convention centre and new library. Along the way i saw some other places, which also were pretty cool.
6Some of the angles and places were pretty cool, but mostly i was surprised how empty is the city. It was working day and there were almost noone on the streets. Somehow in Taiwan generally everyone go out after 3-4pm and weekends are a bit more busy.
Lotus pond was my next stop for today. It was pretty cool place as there are several interesting temples around it. Almost all of them were really beautiful, but mist interesting part of them were the entrances and exits. Usually it was very big statues of animals like Dragon or Tiger with the pathways inside of them. Along those pathways there are some kind of 3D frescoes, telling some religious stories. Very fantasy alike and pretty stunning.
I ended my day with a walk along Love river (how cool is this name), which was a nice place for a jogging or riding a bike, but nothing exciting as there was nothing to look at.