Today is more travel day for me as I’m moving to my next destination in Taiwan – Kaohsiung.
After spending few hours with my photos, i went to the airport and had my short flight.
Usually i prefere using busses or trains, but in this case it happened to be tricky and i decided to fly as it wasn’t something super expensive.

That flight got a bit of story and i want to share is as appreciation for a good people as in this case they really surprised me.
Taiwan got it’s own small airline @mandarinairlines with a fleet of only 7 planes. I got second thoughts, but decided to try it. When i was buying my ticket, something goes wrong. I’m still not sure whether it was my mistake or something was wrong with their web site, but i have bought wrong tickets to the wrong place. Something like this has happened with me for the first time. I have found it almost immediately, but i already was charged.

I still remember what a mess it could be to contact airline (hello, @airasia, you still own me!) and was sitting and saying goodbuy to my 200$. The only way for me to contact airline was by email and i send a letter without no hope. What a surprise, but they replied very quickly with the solution and refund me everything after i have bought correct tickets.
I’m still so surprised as i never could expect something like this and so quickly. So I’m happy to share this story as an example that there are still good companies, who really cares (and not only telling it), which is really rare now.
The flight itself went smooth and quickly as i spend almost all the time taking pictures as the route from Hualien to Kaohsiung is very scenic.