Taroko National Park is probably the most famous natural sight in Taiwan. It is famous because of it’s relief: in one day it is possible to see coastal cliffs, large canyons, high elevated forests, rivers, waterfalls, old manmade pathways on the edge of the cliffs and literally go from the ocean level to the 3500 metres high altitude.
There are lots of ways to explore it from tourist hop-on-hop-off busses, group tours to private tours and limited hiking trails, where you need to apply in advance. Generally going here is easy as there are lots of roads and infrastructure here. The only downside of it is that it is more of a tourist trap destination and requires lots of planning if you want to do it good and not be surrounded by chinese bus tours all the time.
Firstly i wanted to go on a hike here, but thought i started to plan it in advance, i missed the time to get a pass as they are super limited, kind of 60-80 per day. As i don’t want to be on nature with lots of people around, i decided to apply for a small group tour which visit a bit more remote locations.There were noone but us, so we were lucky, thought it’s hardly can be called budget option as it was around 100$/person.
During the day i saw lots of super beautiful places, canyons, small secluded temples, several waterfalls and done several short few kilometers long hikes. The park is filled with lots of marble stones and beautiful cristal blue rivers. Definitely great day out!