Today is the same as few last days: raining!  I got no particular plans and decided just to browse around the city and see where this day will bring me.

I started with the breakfast at one of the most famous breakfast spot in Taipei – Fu Hang. There are literally hundreds of people standing in line each day to have a breakfast here. The reason is the dish, which is prepared there and is called «thick bread». It is definitely super unhealthy dish and goes with deep fried Chinese donut and an omelette inside. Personally i don’t like it that much, but there are some other nice omelettes and sandwiches there, that were really good.

After it i checked couple of places to see the modern part of Taipei like Creative park and Daan station, which is considered as one of the cool architectural spot in the city.

My lunch was a bit different as i decided to do it in «Modern toilet» restaurant. The place is a thematic cafe, which generally are super popular in Taipei. This one have a toilet themed decoration and serves the food in the toilet shaped bowls and urina shaped glasses. It is definitely fun and i wanted to see it and try. Some people say it’s wierd, but i felt it was fun. Though it’s definitely not the place to go for the good food.