Juifen is a small village in the mountains close to Taipei, which is famous as one of the top things to do while in Taipei. There are some cute streets, tea houses and some food specialities.
All the guides told that it takes only 30 minutes by train to get there, but the reality is that from door to door it takes around 1,5-2 hours including waiting time, little delays, way to the train station and 15-minutees bus ride to the village itself.

Juifen is super packed with tourists. There are only few little streets and stairs and lots of people. Originally it was a gold mine village, but now it works only for tourists. Mostly the main things to do here is taking pictures from different angles, drinking tea and eating. Taiwan is definitely a thing about food, i literally eat all the time non stop! I wasn’t too lucky with the pictures as the day was super rainy, so mostly i eat and drink tea.

There are some special food stalls and lots of specialities to try. My favourite were pork buns, fish balls and dim sums. The quality is really very good. Mostly people come here only to eat non stop. There are also several traditional tea houses. They are not cheap, think about 20-25$ for a table. But you will get beautiful area, water boiled on a charcoal on your table and really very good tea. Perfect thing to do during rainy day!