Such a great day to explore Taipei!

I started my day exploring Zhongshan district, which is very cool district of it’s own: it is full of little and very cool cafes, shops, eateries and beauty saloons. There is a historical movie theatre with some beautiful areas and lots of nice street art here and there. All the side streets are casually pretty and very nice. It’s kind of great mix between residential area and hip district with numerous opportunities for the street photography.

After it i had an appointment and have visited the highest Starbucks in the world in Taipei101.
In the afternoon i browse the area around the skyscraper to check some more nice little streets with lots of cute shops and small pretty businesses.

Also i have visited the Assambly hall, which is a bit official place with the guards on duty and guards of honour. It was a bit usual thing, but at some moment i have noticed the guy who came to the soldier, fixed his outfit and done something with his nose. It looked so surprisingly interesting that i asked the guy what’s going on. He told me that he got some special scent to smell to wake up the guards as they are standing without no move for a long time and there is a chance that they will fall asleep.

Food is probably the main attraction in Taipei: at night made it to one of the night markets with lots of food stalls there. It was relatively busy there and i was so excited and wanted to try lots of things, but happened to find that mostly street stalls sells deserts or weird looking bejesus, fried duck head, chicken legs etc. That’s definitely not something i want to eat! I ended up finding some small restaurant there which serves some classical Taiwan dishes like wonton noodle soup and dumplings, which was much better. And for desert i had to try caramelized tomatoes as it was really interesting that tomato here is a fruit and usually served as desert. But for my taste it was just tomato in caramel, which was a bit strange.