I finally have made it to Taiwan and will spend here next few weeks exploring and looking for great and cool things! I’m surely choose great country for it as i have heard lots of good Taiwan, but still apart from Taipei101 and hot springs i know very little about it.
Taiwan surprisingly not frequented by westerners. I had a flight from Bangkok and there were literally only 4 western people among 500 in the plane.

Actually, it’s the place that I’m really so excited to come! It was i bit tricky and required a lot of advanced planning and research. I need a visa to come here and i have found that i have to make it at home as it’s a big pain to do it abroad for me. The process was easy, but requires some explanations as they were not used to people who travel all the time and i had to explain why i applied so early (2,5 months in advance). Finally i’m here! Hoooray!

First things first: Taipei 101 and the skyscraper itself! It’s nice, looks very tall and a bit strange as Taipei is not so tall, though around there are some tall buildings, but not like this. I wouldn’t call it my favourite skyscraper architecturally, but definitely it’s a gem as it got a special anti-earthquake system inside of it as Taiwan is located in a dangerous area and without it it wouldn’t stand for a long time.

The area  surprised me: it really looks like i’m somewhere in North America, but definitely not the image of asian country that i could expect! Cool, really, i love it and looking forward to more surprises!