Today I woke up at some random hostel next to Khao San road i Bangkok. I had some kind of private room with common shower just to sleep for a few hours and it’s main advantage was that it was located right next to the bus stop where my bus brought at 1 am. Haha! Not every place i stay is glamorous! 😄

I have a good goal and it’s all about it: i had a dream to see the Sanctuary of Truth in Pattaya and it’s literally my third attempt to get here. Previous one’s failed because of that insane logistics.

My next step is to get to Pattaya: because of traffic getting to the bus station took another hour. And 2 more hours by bus to Pattaya. Theoretically! Ok, in realty it was more than 4 hours because of traffic and bus driver don’t know the road. I mean, i never saw a bus driver who don’t know the route. But that’s ok, i now it!

When i have realised that he don’t know where to go and on map my goal looks relatively close i simply asked him to stop and quit.

So here i am, standing with my backpack with only one goal to see the place. I took a tuk tuk, which brought me there and finally I’m here. Magic has happened! I’m ready to cry, i’m so happy!

Guys who work there were kind enough to take care about our backpacks and though being absolutely ruined after day in bus, night in hostel and few hours in traffic, i made it there. But magic happens! I really don’t care about it all: I’m tired, thirsty, hungry and a bit dirty, but i made it here. The place i have heard so much about is here and i have this sweet feeling of accomplishment. I don’t give a damn about all the inconveniences, which are more a travel reality. But i have done it, it’s my way and no-one can take it from me.

After spending couple of hours admiring the Sanctuary i had another decision to make: my hotel is 10 km away, my mistake. I made a reservation and i really regret it, because Pattaya is not the place i want to be, honestly. And it’s huge. But i need to spend more to get to this hotel than it’s price. I had an idea just to skip it and pay the fine and going back to Bangkok and sleep there. But then (after fighting for wifi, those who travels a lot knows how painful it is) i have found that it would be 2 times more expensive, so i will stay in Pattaya for night and have a glimpse whether it’s good.

Another taxi (of course, i had to walk away at 32C with my backpack from the major tourist attraction, because i despise taxi drivers who take 3 times more and even pretend they are sleeping and don’t want your money to take more) and i’m at my hotel. Dinner, bottle of wine as i deserve it, beautiful sunset and going to bed.

That’s my day! But really, i don’t care, because i finally saw what i wanted to so badly! Really, it doesn’t matter, i deserve it!