One more Koh Phanang pic and time to move next!
Moving from one place to another is essential part of traveling and sometimes the trickiest. Each lag of my journey became more and more complicated. Sometimes you think by default that some destinations have good connections between them. You know, when you look at the map and see that places are relatively close to each other and there should be no problem getting from one to another. But then some reality like topography or unsafe waters came and you stucked in a bus for many hours or kind of it. That’s exactly what has happened to me: i don’t know why, but i thought that getting from Koh Phananh to Pattaya is not a problem. In reality it is!
To move from one place to another there are 2 options:
bus + ferry to Koh Samui + flight to Pattaya (think about 6 hours incl. waiting time and around 250$/person)
bus + ferry + bus to Bangkok + sleep there + bus to Pattaya (think about around 24 hours incl. few hours of sleep in Bangkok and 65$ + hotel).
I decided to rake the last option and after few hours of chilling in hotel, i left to see where this looong day will brought me. I got no idea where i would sleep at night as sometimes getting this information is close to impossible as noone knows nothing! Wish me good luck and hopefully i won’t have to sleep on the streets of Bangkok today! 😄