Koh Phanang is georgeous, i definitely have found my own paradise as it’s calm, extremely beautiful, comfortable, clean for Southeast asia. For me it’s hard to find the beach that i love, but i love the beach here and don’t want to go out of water. There is such a nice ambience, nice people… i can go on and on! I just simply loved it, i can’t explain why!

But that’s my version of it,  many people know Koh Phanang for absolutely different reason – because of super famous Full moon party. I will guess now as i wasn’t there, but as far as i know it’s a bit crazy and touristy affair with lots of drinks and other stuff.

Still it was interesting to learn that I’m staying in the area of Thao Song, which tops list of places to see and visit in Koh Phanang. That’s really interesting. That means that people come for the party,  but ended up loving beautiful nature more.

Thank you, @panviman.phangan for hosting me!