Today I’m moving from Koh Samui to the island next to it – Koh Phanang. Getting from one to another is easy as it’s one of the major routes here and Koh Phanang got no airport.
In my case it happened to be an experience of it’s own. For my stay in Koh Phanang i choose Panviman Resort Koh Phahang and they completely cared about transportation and done it in a super fancy way: at first their driver picked me up to bring me to the pier to the private high speed boat. There they had own private lounge to wait till departure. After 30 minutes boat ride, another car picked us to bring to the hotel itself. I never have seen anything like this and it’s so extremely cool!
The hotel itself is located at one of the most beautiful places at Koh Phanang somewhere between the hills, rocks and the sea.
And my next WOW: not only my villa got a seaview, but i got my own private pool with the seaview! Definitely sky is the limit!