Day just to chill in KL and check couple more cool places that i had in mind for a while: one hip cafe with swedish design and good coffee and one rooftop bar.
Actually rooftops now are a bit limited in KL. I’m a fan of them and really love to visit this kind of places. The trick is that the city is growing fast now and some places simply lost the views because of the new buildings that were built next to them, others are a bit strange and feels more like common space/club/pool, than good vibe rooftop. But today i was lucky to spot new great place. I came there without no expectations and when i saw glorious 360 degree view from 38th floor and amazing mood of a business place i was like WOOOOW! So it was a great place to spend few hours! And even rain brought this special mood and a bit different pic of KL.
I got a bit strange feeling about KL this time as this rapid growth brought lots of troubles to the city: lots of immigrants on the streets, many beggars and even crazy people, very dirty roads and lots of construction around. I was really surprised as i don’t remember something like this when i was here in January. So i prefere to stay inside to be true and really hope that it’s just a step to the new era of KL!