Day to explore Melaka and it’s major sights!
After good sleep and good breakfast, The Settlement Hotel brought me to the city centre. As it was a bit raining, i started to explore with one more cup of coffee at one of the cool hip cafes in the city. Soon the rain stops and i went to explore some major sights of Melaka. Chinese, Indian and Cristian temples and churches, Portuguese fortress with some remains, ride at the gyro tower for amazing views, river cruise, walking along the river, checking some street art and one more cafe (ok, they are really good, i want to check them all) was enough for a really nice day.
Melaka is a weekend destination, so i was lucky to plan my visit during the weekdays as it’s less crowded, very relaxing and some places even got different prices for the the weekend and weekdays.
I really loved Melaka, it’s a cool place to check and definitely worth spending couple of days while in Malaysia.