Melaka (or Malacca) is the city in Malaysia, which is known as ex-Dutch colonial city, UNESCO World Heritage Site and the place with lots of cool things to do. Usually frequented by visitors from Malaysia and Singapore during weekends, it is surprisingly not very well known between foreign visitors. Melaka city is worth visiting for it’s really cool architecture, yammy food and hip mood.
Melaka was a Portugal and Dutch colony and they left lot of architecture here like this Portuguese red church on the main square.
Today i took a bus from KL and after arriving had few more hours to explore the city old town.
Old city centre is a mix of nice streets, little shops, pretty cafes, hotels, temples and museums. This part of the city is inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage site together with Georgetown as a great example of colonial port city. I love all the small streets, some of them got lots of cool street art, which is not so famous as the one in Georgetown, but absolutely worth having a look.
One of the funniest and craziest thing here are numerous tuk-tuks. Basically it’s a bicycle with the carriage, there is no motor or kind of it, they are man powered. But the decoration is really crazy fun: lots of toys and almost every tuk-tuk got it’s main topic like «Frozen”, «Pokemon», «Spiderman” or “Hello, Kitty”. At night every vehicle plays some loud music (mostly Malaysian) and turn on lots of neon lights. Absolutely fun!