It’s a matter of luck, sometimes i love the place when i see it for the second time, sometimes not that much.
KL was really good for the first time, but the city itself is absolutely the same now as i saw it earlier this year and this was a bit confusing. I felt myself like in ground-hog day movie: same streets, same signs, same ads at the same places, same streetsellers with the same food and even absolutely the same Christmas decorations. Probably new tourist tax and some pedestrian walkways was the only difference. LOL!
So in the morning i unsuccessful tried to solve my old trouble with broken iPhone (if you remember this story, i have bought broken iPhone8 and official Apple service couldn’t help me with it in Phuket, same in KL), then it was raining and i got nothing else to do but browsing around shopping malls. On the other hand, i had another piece of my all time favourite salted caramel cheesecake (only in Malaysia), spend few hours in great rooftop bar with the best views to Petronas towers and had my favourite dim sams at the food street! Not bad at all! 😎