My 30 days no-visa period in Thailand is almost finished, so time to move next and explore more.
After great breakfast and some chilling time at the pool, i left Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa and went to the airport by their car. It was that perfect black business class car with silent driver, wet towels and water inside. I felt myself like Beyonce (or at least Gary Barlow) with this incredible attention from the property. You are perfect, guys!
The rest of my day was only traveling. It was that ordinary travel situation when lots of little delays here and there takes half of your day: @airasia flight was delayed (no surprise), huge line at the border, then no seats at busses to the city for the next hour and actually i forgot that it’s almost 1,5 hours drive from KL airport to the city, traffic etc. Well, i though that i would go to some rooftop bar at night, but ended up wanting anything else, but sleep. So, will go out tomorrow!