Life is good on resorts! Now i know why people are choosing them for holidays! 😜
I never was at good resorts and it’s kind of new experience for me. In some magical way everything is sorted for you, everyone is kind, relaxed and smiling and you just enjoying yourself without anything in your mind. I mean, someone even put a towel to my sunbed! The rainfall could be your worst problem! 😄 Now i know that there is something perfect, except Disneyland!

So today was like: i woke up later than i want (yesterday i thought that i want to go to sunrise beach yoga at 7, but it was more theoretically 😆), had a breakfast with eggs Benedict, fresh mango, juice and coffee. Then after couple of hours near the pool, i decided to have a walk along 11km long beach and have a look at the airplanes as there is an airport right next to it. When i was almost there, it started heavily raining, so i went back absolutely wet. Then i spend hour in Spa and had some instant noodles 😜 and fresh fruits in my room while watching TV series.
Haha! That’s my resort day! 😄