My 12 days in Indonesia were absolutely different than my usual experiences. I have visited awesome places, witnessed unique rituals and saw Borobudur, stayed in nice places and had unique experience when someone is thinking literally about everything. It was challenging in some ways: never in my life i mixed the languages without realizing it or was so worried to do my best. Some of the experiences happened to be super bold: i still feel aftershock after i saw the rituals in Toraja. I’m very surprised that it’s still feels that way, though more than a week have passed after it. But definitely it was worth it, i have learned something completely new about myself and life in general.
But the biggest part of this journey was my travel family. I don’t know what has happened, but in a few hours we became more of a friends. Everyone in our team is a single bright personality with his own story and perspective, charisma and big talent. I couldn’t even dream of having such a great people around me, who were kind, willing to share, inspiring, funny and open-hearted.
It was kind of a personal experience to find out that there is nothing wrong in beeing happy to spot another Starbucks, having fun, cheating each other, playing fool and sharing your ideas without anything in mind, but good. We came from different countries and got our own perspectives, but still we are the same in many aspects. And it’s perfectly fine, because it doesn’t mean being not unique. I’m really blessed to have 10 more people around the world i can call friends now!

Major practical numbers:
12 days in Indonesia
4 places
1 UNESCO World Heritage Site

Thank you, for this great days!

I done some short videos along the way and decided to put them in this short 3 minutes movie to give you little glimpse of cool things to do in Indonesia!