Chalong bay is an area in Phuket island with some upscale mood. Some great bars and places are located here, it’s a bit more quiet and posh tyan central part of it. Today i have checked couple of places here.
What Chalong is the best choice among 31of Buddhist temples in Phuket to check some religious architecture. It is not very old, less than 100 years old, but looks nice and super photogenic. The Grand Pagoda dominating the temple and was build around 20 years ago. It contains a splinter of Lord Buddha’s bone, which was donated to the King of Thailand by Sri Lanka.

After i went to check of of the trendy place in the area – rum distellery.

Thailand got it’s own fine rum production and it’s pretty nice. Rum itself is made from sugarcane. Sugarcane is indigenous to tropical South and Southeast Asia and was brought to the other parts of the world including Caribbean from here. So basically Southeast Asia is home of this kind of spirits. The production of fine spirits is not very huge and Thailand is mostly known for it’s cheap whiskey, but it is possible to find fine rum here.

Chalong Bay Distillery is known for it’s organic production. It is located in Phuket in Chalong Bay area. They are open to the public and it’s possible to visit it to see how it works, try some rum and enjoy some cocktails. Apart from distillery tour, which includes some tasting and a cocktail, it’s possible to visit it for cocktail workshop or simply come to the bar to spend some time. Actually, Chalong Bay bar itself is very stylish and hip, designed with lots of wood and surrounded by greenery, so it’s really nice to spend couple of hours there enjoying the atmosphere.