One more milestone this week: 300 days on the road for the last year. Not that bad!
For those of you, who is confused that 1 year is 365 days: i went twice back home to spend few weeks there. From the very beginning i thought that it’s a good idea to make this intermediate stops along the way as this time helped me to recharge at home, meet with friends and family, process the information and plan my next journeys.
Now it is almost the same time for me in Phuket with a bit of exploration, but i’m staying not at home as it’s already quite cold in Moscow.
I don’t do everyday diary now not to bore you with the same updates like “i have spend 4 hours researching, planning and blogging, then i went to the gym, pool, massage, dinner and after couple more hours of work, read a book or watched a movie”. But still there is a lot to talk about as i really like my current pace as i start to feel the place much better after few weeks here. Few more days to relax!