Visiting Phi Phi island tops the list of recommendations about things to do around Phuket and in Thailand generally. “Beach” movie made a great job of promoting it and now this secreat beach is very far from being secret. But the same is true about most of the places in Southern Thailand. Anyway, i can’t miss it and took a day journey to Phi Phi today.
I skipped day tours (100$+ for it sounds unreasonable and usually they are very limited) and simply took a shedule ferry for 30$, which gave me around 4 hours on the island itself. The ferry itself is good, but was really packed with people from India, because they had a national holiday at that day. It feels like i was in another country! 😄 And i got a strong feeling that most of the people on exactly the same ferry payed for it times more than me.
2 hours ride was beautiful by itself and the ferry even made circles around the islands of Phi Phi archipelago, which was a nice surprise. And i was super lucky with the weather: Thailand brought me a beautiful sunny day!
The main Phi Phi island is famous for the party mood, beaches and some scenic views. 4 hours were enough to check the views, which were stunning, and enjoy some swimming. I was even thinking about spending a night there as return ticket was open, but decided not to as i saw everything i wanted to.
I loved Phi Phi, it feels natural, relaxed and even cheaper than Phuket. Spending couple days there could be a nice idea, to be true. Will keep it in mind for the next time.