Today i woke up early and decided to have a walk along the beach during the sunrise. That was the moment of calmless and beauty with little people around and the feeling of a long day. I took some shots and put my camera away for a while. I was just sitting, breathing and staying at the moment.

There were several more people, who were doing kind of the same,including this guy on this pic,  who also decided to have his morning walk to stay in a moment for a while. We all need this from time to time.
Today is the day to finish my adventure with @indtravel to #WonderfulIndonesia. I have a flight back home today, but it would be literally hours till my next plane to another place. So I expect to spend more time in planes than in bed next days.

Today almost all of our team of #TripOfWonders have a flight back home or to their next destination. It was such an honor to meet such an inspiring people from around the world. I had this rare opportunity to learn more about them and about myself, to be surrounded by beautiful personalities and just had fun, being myself!