One more picture from beautiful Sulawesi island in Indonesia before moving next!
Thank you, @nastasiaspassport for making me pose during this beautiful sunset!
After very emotional day in Toraja (if you missed it, make sure to check my post from yesterday) we headed to the 4th destination of #TripOfWonders – Bali! Toraja is relatively remote location, so it took almost full day to made it there! Firstly we had a 2 hours bus ride, than we took a flight from the smallest airport i ever saw in Toraja to Makassar and then from Makassar to Bali (Denpassar). It was a loooong day!

When we arrived, our squid was so happy that we finally made it to Bali. Our bus immediately was turned into party bus and we had lots of fun singing and dancing along the way from the airport to Ubud. My star moment was “Wannabe” and “New rules” with @sarahazka! This girl knows how to party!
“Despacito” works well, too! 😆