I seriously loved Yogyakarta so much! The city is full of nice elements, street art and beautiful corners with flowers, bird cages, coloured houses and traditional architecture. This mix was so nice that i was charmed from the first moment we started to explore it!

To make it in a local way we took a Becak ride along the main street. Becak is one more version of asian tuk-tuk style transport. It looks like a bike or motorbike with colonial style 2 seat open carriage in front of the driver. It was a fun ride as i made some videos along the way and all the people around were so friendly. My driver couldn’t speak almost no English, but he was so happy to take numerous funny selfies with me. I got a feeling that i saw much more smiling faces in Indonesia than i saw in Thailand, so probably Indonesia could be called a land of smile. At least this was my impression. Or is it me, who was so exciting, who made them smile?

After 15 minutes we made it to the Kraton of Yogyakarta. It is a palace complex known for it’s colonial architecture, absolutely adorable tiles on the floors and preservation of numerous traditional rituals. Kraton means the place where the Queen resides, which explains why it was so pretty and photogenic: beautiful walls, gorgeous gates and tea ceremony! I loved that this place works not only as an architectural eye-candy, but also as a venue for cultural performances. Tip: check the shedule!
Taman Sari Water Castle was our second stop in Yogyakarta. This is a former royal garden, which also works as resting and meditation area. It’s name literally means beautiful garden or flowers park. I haven’t spotted any park, to be true. Probably that’s because i was so obsessed with the architecture of this place. Ponds, facades and nice arches totally caught my attention.

Bathing complex is the most preserved part of Taman Sari. But my main goal here was to see part of the complex, which is called Sumur Gumuling. It was a former mosque and before it was possible to acess it only through underwater entrance. When i saw the picture of it i was blown away: i need to see it!
Finding it was little tricky and while i was trying to figure out where it could be, the rain starts. We have found some historical underground tunnel and stayed there for some time. I was absolutely wet. I even had to take off my shoes, so i went barefoot to get to the place.

But it was worth it: i was lucky to get there and have it only for me and @thetravelnova, who kindly helped me to take this shot! Few minutes later the place became very busy.