Java culture is said to be one of the strongest symbol of #WonderfulIndonesia and everyone here is very proud of it. To learn more, our #TripOfWonders team headed to the Pentingsari Cultural Village at Yogyakarta.
Normally it’s not the kind of place that i visit, but it’s always interesting to check something new. And it happened to be so fun!
It was more about experiencing and trying something new, than seeing something. We have tried to make a little symbolic doll, which was pretty hard, learned a bit of traditional Javanese dancing moves and played music instruments. It wasn’t that easy: i hardly kept the rhythm and of course, totally failed with the dance.
What i really loved about this experience is that we have meet some local craftsmans and i was amazed how paciently they tried to help us and show what is so valuable for them. They were delicate with us, a little bit shy, but obviously so proud about what they do.
On this pic is my first try to make Wayang Suket, which is translated as Grass Doll. My first moves definitely works! At least, i love the texture!
These days not that many people appreciate this part of culture as it’s not that loud as commercial buzz around us. When i saw the eyes of this guys, how they wanted us to see what they got, my own perspective had changed. People put their lifes into it, mastered their skills for years and it definitely should be appreciated. I’m really proud that i had a chance to see and experience this part of life here!

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