Culture is the main topic of my current #TripOfWonders to Wonderful Indonesia.
Indonesia got a big variety of different culture branches. There 300+ ethinical groups, 200+ languages, so every place is not the same. To see what’s cool in Jakarta and study a bit of it’s traditional culture we checked 2 places today.
In the morning we went to Setu Babkan, which is Centre of Betawi culture. We were greeted in very unique way by colourful Palang Pintu performance. Basically it’s kind of a poem, which got some action in it. The guards are asking why you came and whether you have good intentions. If you look suspicious, they can beat you! ๐Ÿ˜†
After you proove that you are good enough to enter, beautiful ladies will greet and welcome you to the house with some dancing. I can’t stop looking at their faces: there is definitely something in that keeping you intrigued all the time, but reminds you to keep the distance. I really love it, it’s surely an art itself!
That retual is very common for weddings and actually looks very interesting and unordinary!
Setu Babakan itself got some nice traditional architecture inside and some classes of traditional crafts, which was really fun! The bridge on this pic definitely was my main eye candy!
Dream big, smile bright, fly high!
Layang-Layang or kite museum in other words was my second stop in Jakarta for today. It was surprisingly cool! Firstly, i never could imagine that kites could be so impressive: they got 3D full size kites of a horse and big models of flying houses, humans, boats etc. There are even special kites for weddings! It was interesting to learn that there are lots of countries, who have their own traditions and styles of kite making and there is big annual festival of it. I guess it could be impressive and probably it’s a nice idea to visit it one day!
Also in the museum they helped us to make my own kite. I felt myself like a kid: never in my life i have tried it and even never tryed to fly it! So super cool and inspiring, makes me dreaming about flying!

Learn more in this video of my travel buddy Aly, who was with me today:

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