Islands, caves and waterfalls,
Hills, mountains and lakes,
Bunkers, wineyards and castles,
Yahts, busses, ferries, bikes and hiking,
Long windy roads and endless rides,
Venetian cities, ottoman houses and roman ruins,
Antique churches, modern museums, communist heritage,
New countries, tricky history and everyday lifes,
Oysters, bureks, strukli, pasteries, kebabs and detox smoothies,
Numerous beaches, sunsets, cafes on old squares and rooftop bars.

That was my summer in Europe!
It was tricky to plan and not easy to make it as not every moment was a pleasant one (hello, 10 hours bus ride without air conditioning), but all the wonderful things i saw and done definetely was worth all the efforts!

Slovenia definetely was my favourite new country i explored this time!

Sunset sailing on a yaht in Croatia, climbing Kotor wall and to the hill of Dubrovnik, Plitvice lakes, dinner at the Oyster farm, midday lunch in Perast and near old amphitheter in Pula, baget with proscuitto and wine on the seaside in Zadar and in park in Amsterdam, morning coffee with apple strudel, kindness of the host of my guesthouse in Korcula island and my airbnb host in Koper, Italy for a day, day in Budapest hamam and night in ruin bars were definetely my most memorable experiences during this summer!

Major numbers:
80 days on the road
11 countries, 9 of them new
23 places and lots of side trips
13 UNESCO World Heritage sites
~300 hours in busses
I covered 13000km
My average expense was 100$/2 people a day
I came back with 6 magnets and 7600 foto

With that i’m finishing this European part of my ¬†journey and moving next!