Time to learn more about Sofia! The best way to start is taking free walking tour. Sofia got probably one of the most famous free walking tour and it’s really good one! The idea is that someone local will help you to orient around, will show some major sights and tell about history of the city. And this guys do it really good!

Sofia is really interesting: it is one of the oldest city in Europe and got literally layers of history. The trick is that there were several cities build one upon other, so when they started to build a metro, it took a lot of time as there was so much of hidden remains. I especially loved how Sofia presented that remains: they literally showed this layers and hide some of them under huge glass covers, which looks absolutely cool. Interesting enough, that it is said that there is huge roman arena hidden in the city. It is still not excavated and hidden under the ground. The trick is also that there are also lots of buidings on top of it, so it’s not that simple to dig it.

Sofia is very rich architecturally: it got nice baroque style buildings, it’s university is so cool, that looks like cathedral with beautiful dome, soviet time buildings are huge and impressive.
Sofia stands on 40 natural springs and formerly had very beautiful bathes in the centre. Now it’s not operated, but around it is possible simply to drink some hot water from the springs: smelly, but very good for the stomack. And of course, Alexander Nevsky cathedral is the main symbol of Sofia. From inside it’s a little bit dark and wasn’t reconstructed for a while, which makes it relly cool from my point of view. It’s very rich in decorations and looks different, because most of the frescoes are dark.

All of it definetely makes Sofia interesting city to visit! Glad that i finally made it here!