Visiting Kosovo wasn’t in my initial plan, but when i checked the map, i realised that i need to visit it at least to check it as visited. Kosovo is the second yongest country in the world and still not everyone takes it as a separate country.

I got no time to visit it longer than for a day and doing it from Skopje is the easiest option. Fisrtly i thought about taking a day tour or hiring a driver to show me around for a day as i had 2 cities to visit in my mind: Prizren and Prishtina and there was no way to do it by public transport in 1 day. But the prices for it was something rudiculous: 200-350 euro for a day for 2 people. Fo the country, where average salary is 250 euro that was extremely expensive.

So i got no oher option, but visiting only Prishtina as there are 12 busses a day from Skopje and back and the price for return ticket was around 11 euro. Real travel time was around 3-3,5 hours one way, though officially it is supposed to be 2 hours. Boarding control was nothing extrodinary, just same as everywhere. It was very easy, no problem at all.

First impression was surprisingly good: lots of new buildings, good cars around and lots of places, selling cars. I guess, there is something about car business in Kosovo. Really, there are lots of them. Before going i have read that some people saw lots of super luxury cars in Kosovo, but i saw probably only one Hummer.
Many people think that visiting Kosovo is not safe or wierd, but i saw no reasons for it in real life. It looks surprisingly good and well mentained. At some point i though that probably there is a chance to see a Starbucks here. 😃 Well, there wasn’t any, but the surroundings looks like USA made some investments in Kosovo economy. While entering Prishtina, i even saw a small replica of Statue of Liberty on top of one building.

Prishtina itslef is not too exciting city in terms of places to see and do here: Bill Clinton statue, Hilary clothing store next to it, big sign of NEWBORN country, couple of little strange, but interesting buildings like this library on the main pic from this post. Also there is large pedestrian street with different shops. The Cathedral of Blessed Mother Teresa is the most impressive sight in Prishtina. It is still not completed, but open for visits. I have heard about interesting stained-glass window inside of it, but i couldn’t check them as there was a huge wedding ceremony inside.

Few hours were enough to see everything in Prishtina and it was definetely unusual travel day. I would love to see Prizren also, but to do it by myself i had to stay for a night.

The day ended up also usual. While exiting from Kosovo back to Macedonia there was some mess with the exiting stamp. By some mistake they put me exit stamp with the wrong date, which was month ago. So now i have a stamp of entering Kosovo in August 2017 and exiting it in July 2017. Probably, it was time machine or kind of it!