Today i had full day checking major natural sights around Macedonia. It was possible to do some places by myself, but i was little tired of hassle and I knew so little about sights in Macedonia, so this time i decided to explore in a comfortable way. I had very nice airbnb hosts, who also became my guides for today and showed me around!

So in the morning we headed to Matka canyon. It is very picturesque natural sight very close to Skopje, less than 15km. It’s possible to explore it by boat, kayak or hike around it on little walkaway. I choose the last option and it was very enjoyable 2 hours long walk among picturesque nature.

Later we headed to the Ohrid lake, which is one of the largest lakes of the world, UNESCO World Heritage site and famous holiday destination in Macedonia, many world famous DJ’s come to perform here during the summer. Mostly people come here to spend some time enjoying the scenery. For me it was more like checking some views, couple of monasteries, enjoying coffee and mostly that’s it. But it definitely could be nice idea to stay here longer and just enjoy it.

Of course, as Macedonia is in Balkans, our ride around it was very scenic with picturesque hills, national parks and lakes around. On our way back we made a stop at one of the «hidden» monasteries, which are said to be one of the best thing to see in Macedonia.

That way i had very brief idea of what is Macedonia and happy that i was able to see at least something during 1 day. Actually, i got very luiittle idea what else can i see here, so probably that was enough for this time.