Week in Bulgaria in August definetely wasn’t enough to see everything that the country has to offer, but still i was able to enjoy it and check main places. I loved Bulgarian architecture and Plovdiv was definetely a highlight of my visit, Rila monastery and Boyan church were impressive pieces of religious art. After 2 months in relatively small places, Sofia feels like big developed city, where it’s nice to walk around and spend some time, though i wouldn’t say that it’s obligatory to spend a lot of time here, one-two days are perfect amount of time to see the main sites and feel the vibe of it.

There is definetely much more to see in Bulgaria: 7 Rila lakes and hiking in national parks, communist monuments and coastline to name a few. So it’s a great option for next visit when i would love to spend time on nature!

Major practical numbers:
7 days in Sofia
1 place and 2 side trips
2 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

92$/day for 2 people incl. everything